VitruviaMD Health & Wellness

VitruviaMD is a leading medical office in Oklahoma City. Dr. Laura Miles focuses on figuring out the underlying reasons for her patients’ medical issues rather than just prescribing medicine that covers up the issues.


She needed a complete re-design of her old website. The explained that the colors and look of the old site made her office seem like it only catered to women. She wanted to change that. A majority of her clients are women, but they’re not all women. A new color scheme was created as well as an update to the font selections. The navigation was completely restructured. The main menu was best suited for the left side of the page, rather than the top, because of the number of main menu items that needed to be seen upon viewing the site. She wanted to make sure all of here services could be viewed without having to drill down into the menu as much.


Dr. Miles also wanted to incorporate an online store into the website to sell supplements to her patients. The store was built using WooCommerce and checkout is accessible to her current patients only.


The final design is intuitive on both desktop and mobile devices.


Oklahoma City, OK


Branding, Development, Web Design